Season 1:

No   Title                             First Shown  Eps
 1   An Unearthly Child                 23 Nov 63    4
 2   The Daleks                         21 Dec 63    7
 3   The Edge of Destruction             8 Feb 64    2
 4   Marco Polo                         22 Feb 64    7
 5   The Keys of Marinus                11 Apr 64    6
 6   The Aztecs                         23 May 64    4
 7   The Sensorites                     20 Jun 64    6
 8   The Reign of Terror                 8 Aug 64    6


Episode Details

An Unearthly Child

Mystified by a strange schoolgirl in their class, two teachers, Ian and Barbara, follow her home to find out more. Home turns out to be a mysterious Police Box in Tinkers Yard in which she lives with her grandfather, who claims to be able to travel in space and time.

The Daleks

Arriving in a petrified forest, the Doctor and his companions find traces of a recent visitation. Upon investigation, the crew encounter the peaceful Thals and hear about their war with terrible machine creatures called Daleks who live in a nearby city.

Edge of Destruction

When an experiment goes wrong, a large explosion shakes the TARDIS. It appears that it was almost destroyed and has been left hanging in the void. The Doctor becomes suspicious and accuses the teachers of sabotage.

Marco Polo

The TARDIS crew meet the explorer, Marco Polo, who is on his way to the court of Kublai Kahn. Marco Polo hopes to free himself from the service of the Kublai Kahn by presenting him with the TARDIS and thence return to Europe.

The Keys of Marinus

The TARDIS lands on the mysterious island of Marinus which is surrounded by a sea of acid, and is captured by the Keeper of the Conscience of Marinus. The Conscience of Marinus is a machine that ensures justice to the people of Marinus. The Doctor and his companions set off to retrieve the four missing keys that control it, but, can they stop them from falling into enemy hands?

The Aztecs

The TARDIS arrives inside an Aztec temple in the 15th century. The travellers leave the temple, and a massive door closes behind them, cutting them off from the TARDIS. Barbara is mistaken for a reincarnation of Yetaxa (an Aztec God), while Ian is forced into a fight to the death with the Aztec champion Ixta. While the Doctor attempts to find a way back to the TARDIS again, Barbara takes advantage of her position to try to stop human sacrifices, against the Doctor's wishes.

The Sensorites

The TARDIS lands on a 28th century spaceship from earth that is under the control of aliens known as Sensorites. Through telepathic communication with Susan, the Doctor and his companions are invited to the Sensor-sphere, home of the Sensorites. The Doctor uncovers a human plot to kill the Sensorites, but can he put a stop to it in time?

The Reign of Terror

The TARDIS materialises in France in the grip of the French Revolution and the crew rapidly become embroiled. Before long Ian and Susan are captives in the Bastille and the Doctor impersonates a regional governor in an attempt to get them freed. Ian and Barbara become spies, trying to find out who the next leader of France is to be, and when they discover Napoleon Bonaparte is the likely contender, the suggestion is met with derision.

Season 2:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
 9    Planet of Giants                  31 Oct 64    3
10    Dalek Invasion of Earth           21 Nov 64    6
11    The Rescue                         2 Jan 65    2
12    The Romans                        16 Jan 65    4
13    The Web Planet                    13 Feb 65    6
14    The Crusade                       27 Mar 65    4
15    The Space Museum                  24 Apr 65    4
16    The Chase                         22 May 65    6
17    The Time Meddler                   3 Jul 65    4


Episode Details

Planet of Giants

Returning to Earth, the crew find themselves trapped in a jungle with monstrous creatures pursuing them. Soon they realise that they have become miniaturized and are indeed on Earth. In their miniature state, they discover dangerous experiments with a totally lethal insecticide are being performed but they seem powerless to stop them.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Doctor and his companions arrive on Earth in the near future only to find it has been invaded by the Daleks who have turned the human race into slaves. What is the purpose behind the enormous mining project the Daleks are undertaking? Can the Doctor and his companions help the human resistance movement to foil the Daleks plans?

The Rescue

The Doctor, Ian and Barbara arrive on the planet Dido in the 25th century, where they find a crashed space craft in which two survivors wait for a rescue ship from Earth. The female survivor, Vicki is instantly friendly, unlike her paralysed companion, Bennett, who remains a mystery.

The Romans

The Doctor and his companions take a holiday at a villa just outside Rome in 64 AD. While he and Vicki visit Rome, Ian and Barbara are captured and taken as slaves; Ian is sold as a galley slave, and Barbara to Nero's court. The Doctor is mistaken as an enemy of Nero's and is taken to the Emperor's palace.

The Web Planet

The TARDIS is pulled to the planet Vortis, where the butterfly-like Menoptera are fighting to regain their home from the evil force that has taken control of the ant-like Zarbi and used them to seize the planet. Can the Doctor and his companions free the planet ?

The Crusade

The TARDIS arrives in 12th century Palestine and the crew rapidly uncover a plan by the Saracen leader, Emir El Akir, to ambush Richard the Lionheart. King Richard has his own plans which rely on his sister Joanna marrying the Emir, something she is most definitely not prepared to accept.

The Space Museum

The Doctor and his companions arrive on a planet which houses an all but forgotten museum. While touring it, they are horrified to discover that they themselves are exhibits in one of the cases. Can they avoid becoming just an exhibit in a museum?

The Chase

The Doctor detects another time machine following his TARDIS and they try and shake it off. It soon becomes apparent that their pursuers are none other than the dreaded Daleks.

The Time Meddler

Arriving at a remote spot on the English coast in 1066, the Doctor and his companions are astounded to find a modern wristwatch and tape recorder. What is the connection between the mysterious monk and the Viking spies?

Season 3:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
18    Galaxy Four                       11 Sep 65    4
19    Mission to the Unknown             9 Oct 65    1
20    The Myth Makers                   16 Oct 65    4
21    The Dalek Master Plan             13 Nov 65   12
22    The Massacre                       5 Feb 66    4
23    The Ark                            5 Mar 66    4
24    The Celestial Toymaker             2 Apr 66    4
25    The Gunfighters                   30 Apr 66    4
26    The Savages                       28 May 66    4
27    The War Machines                  25 Jun 66    4


Episode Details

Galaxy Four

Two races, the Rills and the female-dominated Drahvins, have both landed on a planet that is about to spin out of orbit. The Doctor uncovers a plot by the Drahvins to steal the space ship belonging to the Rills in order to escape destruction...

Mission to the Unknown

Space Agent Mark Cory lands on a dangerous jungle planet known as Kemble and discovers that the Daleks are there in force and involved in a sinister plan.

The Myth Makers

The Doctor and his companions materialize outside the walls of Troy and are captured by the Greeks. Mistaken as a Greek elder and then falling under suspicion, the Doctor is given two days to bring down the walls of Troy. He invents a large wooden horse and arranges for it to be left outside the city walls while the Greeks withdraw...

The Dalek Master Plan

The Guardian of the Solar System, Mavic Chen is planning to use the Daleks as a tool in a plan for global domination. The Doctor and his friends stumble across a message left by Mark Cory and try to warn the authorities, but find themselves hunted as traitors. After deceiving the Daleks, the Doctor, Steven and Sara Kingdom travel through time to ensure their escape. Unfortunately, the Daleks have a time machine and give chase leading to a confrontation in ancient Egypt.

The Massacre

Paris 1572: the Catholic Queen Mother Catherine de Medici is planning to kill all the Protestants in France. The TARDIS crew rescue a servant girl, Anne, who has overheard the plot being hatched. Together, they try to warn the Protestants, but their warnings fall on deaf ears...

The Ark

The Doctor and his companions arrive on a large Ark in space and attempt to assist the residents. Unfortunately, they fall seriously ill with a common cold; a virus to which they've never been exposed before. The Doctor manages to find a cure and they leave, only to materialize in the same place but centuries later. The simple creatures who were servants in the past have revolted and seized control of the Ark. Soon a plot to destroy the Ark and all it's human inhabitants is exposed. Can they find the bomb in time?

The Celestial Toymaker

The TARDIS materializes in the Fantasy domain of the Celestial Toymaker, a jovial Mandarin who invites the Doctor to play some of his games. All too soon a darker side emerges and the Doctor, Steven and Dodo are soon fighting for their lives.

The Gunfighters

The Doctor and his companions arrive in Tombstone, a wild-west town in the late nineteenth century. They are soon to witness the infamous shoot-out at the OK corral. (Worst western ever made !)

The Savages

The Doctor and his companions arrive on a planet populated by two races, one very advanced (The Elders), one very backward (The Savages). The doctor soon suspects that all is not as it should be, and that the Elders are draining the lifeforce of the Savages to improve their own prowess.

The War Machines

A newly developed computer called Wotan hypnotises a number of people and starts building an army of machines with which to take over the world. The Doctor tries to alert the authorities to the danger but the message falls on deaf ears.

Season 4:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
28    The Smugglers                     10 Sep 66    4
29    The Tenth Planet                   8 Oct 66    4


Episode Details

The Smugglers

The TARDIS materializes on the Cornish Coast in the seventeenth century and are soon surrounded by pirates and smugglers. The Doctor becomes embroiled when he overhears a conversation pin-point the location of a large hoard of treasure...

The Tenth Planet

The TARDIS materializes near a monitoring station at the South Pole, just as the Cybermen arrive to steal the resources of the Earth to replenish their own world, Mondas. All too soon the monitoring station is under the control of the Cybermen and a space mission being controlled from the base is in deadly danger.