Season 7:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
51    Spearhead From Space               3 Jan 70    4
52    The Silurians                     31 Jan 70    7
53    The Ambassadors of Death          21 Mar 70    7
54    Inferno                            9 May 70    7


Episode Details

Spearhead From Space

The Doctor investigates mysterious deaths and discovers plastics that are being controlled by an alien intelligence. Soon an army of lethal plastic shop dummies is on the move.

The Silurians

A secret underground research center is having serious problems with both personnel and unexplained losses of power. The problems are traced to a cave nearby where an ancient race of reptilian humanoids has been reawakened after millions of years of suspended animation.

The Ambassadors of Death

The Doctor investigates a space probe that returns with a crew who are most certainly no longer human. Can he stop criminal factions from making use of the aliens to carry out their schemes?


When an attempt to drill into the Earth's core goes wrong, the Doctor gets transported into a parallel universe, where Britain has been ruled by a Fascist dictatorship for years. He meets the alter egos of his friends - the one-eyed Brigade Leader, and Captain Liz Shaw - who never became a scientist! To his horror, the drilling project unleashes an inferno which destroys the alternate Earth. Back in our universe, can he stop the drilling before the same fate befalls our Earth?

Season 8:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
55    Terror of the Autons               2 Jan 71    4
56    The Mind of Evil                  30 Jan 71    6
57    The Claws of Axos                 13 Mar 71    4
58    Colony in Space                   10 Apr 71    6
59    The Daemons                       22 May 71    5


Episode Details

Terror of the Autons

The Master arrives on Earth in his TARDIS, camouflaging it as a horse box in a Circus. He immediately contacts the Nestenes and assists them in mounting a second invasion of Earth. The Doctor and his new assistant, Jo Grant, have to tackle the Autons, the Master and a large number of deadly daffodils!

The Mind of Evil

The Doctor goes to Stangmoor Prison, to investigate a new process for treating dangerous criminals (the Keller Machine). At the demonstration, a prisoner is killed. Professor Keller (in reality the Master) organises a prison takeover, capturing Jo and the Doctor, and hijacks a nerve gas missile being transported by UNIT. The Doctor soon discovers the real secret of the Keller Machine - a voracious alien parasite that amplifies and feeds off fear!

The Claws of Axos

An alien spaceship descends to Earth, time jumping a few seconds into the future to avoid a missile fired at it. The craft contains the Axons, a race of beautiful golden humanoids who offer a remarkable energy source called Axonite. The Doctor and Jo become suspicious, however, and discover that Axonite, the Axons and their ship are all a single organism, brought to Earth by the Master, which will feed on all life. The Doctor begins to behave strangely, and Jo wonders if he can outwit Axos and the Master - or does he intend to repair the TARDIS and abandon the Earth to its fate?

Colony in Space

A newly formed colony finds mysterious damage to property and crops, and then murder when a mining company move in. An arbiter arrives to mediate between the two parties, but the Doctor recognises him as the Master. What is he doing here and what is the secret of the strange ruined city nearby?

The Daemons

Will the excavation of a barrow at Devil's End have the disastrous results that the local white witch promises? What is the connection with the sinister new vicar? All too soon the Doctor and UNIT are struggling against demonic forces summoned from the past by devil worshippers.

Season 9:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
60    The Day of the Daleks              1 Jan 72    4
61    The Curse of Peladon              29 Jan 72    4
62    The Sea Devils                    26 Feb 72    6
63    The Mutants                        8 Apr 72    6
64    The Time Monster                  20 May 72    6


Episode Details

The Day of the Daleks

UNIT is placed in charge of security at a crucial Peace Conference, guarding Sir Reginald Styles, the diplomat with the best chance of averting a war between the Chinese and Russians. A mysterious guerilla appears, attempts to kill Styles and then disappears with Jo and the Doctor - into a terrifying future Earth ruled by the Daleks and their brutish slaves, the Ogrons. The guerillas explain that the Daleks overran the Earth after a nuclear war back in the 20th century - caused by Styles. They believe the war and subsequent invasion can be averted by killing Styles. But are they right?

The Curse of Peladon

The Time Lords send the Doctor and Jo to the primitive planet of Peladon. King Peladon and his Chancellor wish Peladon to join the Galactic Federation, and are entertaining a delegation from the Federation. The Doctor is mistaken for the Earth delegate, and becomes suspicious when he finds that an Ice Warrior is among the other delegates. Shortly after their arrival, the Chancellor is murdered, apparently by Aggedor - the mythical Royal Beast of Peladon. The Doctor investigates, discovers that there is a conspiracy to prevent Peladon joining the Federation, falls foul of the religious laws of Peladon and has to engage the King's Champion in a duel, and eventually comes face to face with a very real, very hairy and rather large Aggedor. Jo, meanwhile, has her hands full when King Peladon falls in love with her! Can the Doctor stay alive long enough to defeat the conspiracy?

The Sea Devils

The Doctor and Jo visit the Master in his island prison and during their visit hear tales of ships disappearing nearby. The Doctor becomes curious and investigates, discovering that the Sea Devils, aquatic relatives of the Silurians, have awoken from their slumbers and are being helped by the Master.

The Mutants

Once again, Jo and the Doctor are sent into danger by the Time Lords. They are given a vital message capsule, and are told that the capsule will open only in the presence of the recipient. They arrive on a Earth colonial space station above the inhospitable planet Solos - a planet with an extremely poisonous atmosphere, inhabited by an alien race called the Mutants. They discover that Solos is under the tyrannical rule of the sadistic Marshal, who has the Earth Administrator murdered, and then embarks upon an insane plan to convert the atmosphere into an Oxygen rich one, killing off the entire race of Mutants while making the planet suitable for human colonization. Can the Doctor save the Mutants?

The Time Monster

The Doctor attends an experiment in Interstitial Time travel, run by the mysterious Professor Thascales, who turns out to be the Master! He escapes back in time to Atlantis, and attempts to unleash Kronos, an awesome creature that can control all of time and space. Can the Doctor stop the Master?

Season 10:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
65    The Three Doctors                 30 Dec 72    4
66    Carnival of Monsters              27 Jan 73    4
67    Frontier in Space                 24 Feb 73    6
68    Planet of the Daleks               7 Apr 73    6
69    The Green Death                   19 May 73    6


Episode Details

The Three Doctors

Strange forces are draining the energy from the Time Lords home planet of Gallifrey. Desperate for a solution, the Time Lords collect the three regenerations of the Doctor from their respective timelines and set them on the problem of tracing the losses.

Carnival of Monsters

The TARDIS materializes on a ship in the Indian Ocean in the early part of the twentieth century, or so it seems. The Doctor and Jo soon get the feeling that events are repeating themselves endlessly, but what is the truth of the situation.

Frontier in Space

A spate of attacks on spaceships threatens the uneasy alliance between Earth and the Draconians, but the Doctor suspects that a third party is trying to provoke war.

Planet of the Daleks

The Doctor falls into a deep coma as the TARDIS lands on the planet of Spiridon. Jo goes off to find help for the Doctor, but develops a fungal infection that threatens to kill her until she is aided by Wester, an invisible Spiridon. The Doctor recovers and meets up with a scout group of Thals, who tell him that a vast army of Daleks lie hidden somewhere on Spiridon - but where?

The Green Death

A spate of mysterious deaths strike miners in a small Welsh village. The dead men glow with a pulsing green light! The Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier soon find themselves on opposite sides as it becomes clear that the nearby chemical plant run by Global Chemicals is involved - but how? At the end of the story, Jo Grant meets and falls in love with Professor Cliff Jones, an ecologist campaigning against Global Chemicals, and leaves UNIT to marry him.

Season 11:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
70    The Time Warrior                  15 Dec 73    4
71    Invasion of the Dinosaurs         12 Jan 74    6
72    Death to the Daleks               23 Feb 74    4
73    Monster of Peladon                23 Mar 74    6
74    Planet of the Spiders              4 May 74    6


Episode Details

The Time Warrior

Scientists are being kidnapped from a research station, and the Doctor suspects they are being pulled backwards into the past. The sighting of a Sontaran Warrior confirms his fears and he travels back into the Middle Ages with an inquisitive journalist stowaway on board the TARDIS.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

The Doctor and Sarah-Jane return to Earth to discover London totally deserted, and the city under martial law. They are mistaken for thieves and arrested; after escaping, they discover that dinosaurs keep appearing all over London!

Death to the Daleks

A deadly space plague is killing humans and Daleks alike, and the cure can only be found on the hostile planet of Exxilon. The Doctor and Sarah are stranded on Exxilon when the TARDIS mysteriously fails, along with two expeditions - one human and one Dalek - both sent to secure the cure. Something on the planet appears to be draining all electronic power systems - including the Daleks' weapons!

Monster of Peladon

The Doctor takes Sarah Jane to Peladon, arriving 50 years after his previous visit. Aggedor, the Royal Beast, appears to be terrorising the local population. Once again, Ice Warriors appear to be involved - but the Doctor was wrong about them before. The Doctor begins to unravel a dark conspiracy of commercial interests, and must prevent Peladon leaving the Federation!

Planet of the Spiders

Mike Yates (who left UNIT after his involvement in the affair with the Dinosaurs) contacts Sarah-Jane about mysterious goings on in a Buddhist retreat in the English countryside. Soon it becomes apparent that an extraterrestrial force is attempting to reclaim a crystal the Doctor ``borrowed'' from Metebelis 3.