Season 12:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
75    Robot                             28 Dec 74    4
76    The Ark in Space                  25 Jan 75    4
77    The Sontaran Experiment           22 Feb 75    2
78    Genesis of the Daleks              8 Mar 75    6
79    Revenge of the Cybermen           19 Apr 75    4


Episode Details


Still unstable from his regeneration, the Doctor is spending much of his time in the UNIT sick bay. Sarah-Jane decides to use the opportunity to investigate a top secret government Think-Tank. She becomes suspicious that all is not as it should be and that a large Robot under the control of the Think-Tank is responsible for a number of break-ins at top secret military bases.

The Ark in Space

The Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrive on a deserted space station in the distant future. They discover that it contains the entire population of Earth in hibernation who have not reawakened when they should have, because of a fault in the computer. In the meantime, the station has been invaded by the Wirrn, a large insect like animal who have other plans for the sleeping humans...

The Sontaran Experiment

Transported back to Earth of the distant future from the Ark, the Doctor Harry, and Sarah discover that they have unwelcome company - a Sontaran warrior. The warrior is involved in deadly experiments to assess the human race as an adversary prior to a full scale invasion of Earth.

Genesis of the Daleks

The Doctor and his companions are transported back in time by the Time Lords who have decided that the Daleks need to be destroyed. The Doctor's mission is to change history so that they will never exist. Soon they are separated and The Doctor and Harry are captured by the evil Elite of the mad scientist Davros, who is working to perfect his Mark 3 travel machine; the Dalek.

Revenge of the Cybermen

Returned to the Space Station by the Time Ring, the Doctor and his companions discover that it is in the grip of a fatal disease which has killed most of the crew. What is the secret of the asteroid it is being used to mark? Which of the crew is the traitor who is in league with the dreaded Cybermen?

Season 13:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
80    Terror of the Zygons              30 Aug 75    4
81    Planet of Evil                    27 Sep 75    4
82    Pyramids of Mars                  25 Oct 75    4
83    The Android Invasion              22 Nov 75    4
84    The Brain of Morbius              30 Dec 75    4
85    The Seeds of Doom                 31 Jan 76    6


Episode Details

Terror of the Zygons

The Brigadier summons the Doctor back to Earth using a time/space telegraph device the Doctor left with him for grave emergencies. There has been a spate of disappearances, sinkings and attacks on oil rigs in the North Sea under very mysterious circumstances. The Doctor soon discovers that an unknown force is controlling the Loch Ness monster and has turned it from a shy, placid creature into a weapon of destruction...

Planet of Evil

The Doctor and Sarah-Jane arrive on the planet Zeta minor at the very edge of the Galaxy in answer to a distress call. All but one of a geological survey party from Morestra have been sucked dry by an invisible monster. A rescue ship arrives from Morestra but will the mysterious forces that control the planet allow anyone to leave...

Pyramids of Mars

The excavation of an ancient Egyptian tomb unleases the Evil Sutekh, last of the Osirans, imprisoned millenia before by his own people. Sutekh attempts to build a time/space bridge between his tomb prison and the English manor house that was the home of the unfortunate archeologist who opened the tomb.

The Android Invasion

Returning back to what appears to be UNIT headquarters, the Doctor and Sarah discover that all is not quite as it seems and that all their old friends are, in fact, Androids.

The Brain of Morbius

Landing on a barren and stormy planet, the Doctor and Sarah seek refuge in the home of a scientist who appears to be trying some rather sinister experiments.

The Seeds of Doom

When an alien seed pod is discovered buried in glacial ice, a wealthy botanist arranges to have it stolen. Soon it starts to germinate and turns out to be very dangerous.

Season 14:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
86    The Masque of Mandragora           4 Sep 76    4
87    The Hand of Fear                   2 Oct 76    4
88    The Deadly Assassin               30 Oct 76    4
89    The Face of Evil                   1 Jan 77    4
90    The Robots of Death               29 Jan 77    4
91    The Talons of Weng-Chiang         26 Feb 77    6


Episode Details

The Masque of Mandragora

The Mandragora Helix, a being composed entirely of energy, enters the TARDIS and hence reaches 15th century Italy. There, the Mandragora energy takes control of the black magic cult of Demnos, and plans to destroy the best minds of the Renaissance.

The Hand of Fear

The TARDIS materialises in a quarry just as the rock face is blasted away by open cast miners. Sarah-Jane is buried and when the Doctor and the miners dig her out, she is grasping a hand made of rock incredibly tightly. Soon, under it's influence, she breaks into a nuclear power plant and places the hand in the radio-active core; soon it starts to regrow a body and gains a life of it's own.

The Deadly Assassin

The Doctor is summoned to Gallifrey by a vision of the new President being assassinated. Once there, he tries to prevent the assassination, but the President is shot despite his efforts, and the Doctor is found high above the Panoptican clutching the murder weapon. He is arrested and sentenced to death! Can he escape and reveal the true killers?

The Face of Evil

The Doctor lands on a planet populated by two groups - the primitive Sevateem and the priestly Tesh. He is shocked to discover that the Sevateem's God, Xoanon, bears his own face! What has he done, and can he defeat himself?

The Robots of Death

The Doctor and his new companion Leela land on a giant Sandminer, which mines airborne minerals from an arid world. It is crewed by a few humans and a large number of robots. A crew member is murdered, and all the crew have alibis. The Doctor realises that the robots are being reprogrammed to kill!

The Talons of Weng-Chiang

The Doctor takes Leela to Victorian London, where a series of young women have disappeared. A vicious Chinese Tong and their God, Weng Chiang, appear to be involved - but can an ancient Chinese God really be stalking the fog-cloaked streets of London?

Season 15:

No   Code   Title                      First Shown  Eps
92    Horror of Fang Rock                3 Sep 77    4
93    The Invisible Enemy                1 Oct 77    4
94    Image of the Fendahl              29 Oct 77    4
95    The Sun Makers                    26 Nov 77    4
96    Underworld                        24 Dec 77    4
97    The Invasion of Time              21 Jan 78    6


Episode Details

Horror of Fang Rock

The Doctor promises to take Leela to Brighton for a holiday. Instead, the TARDIS materialises on Fang Rock, inhabited only by the keepers of the Lighthouse. The light behaves erratically, causing a clipper to run aground. The lighthouse engineer dies in mysterious circumstances, and the remaining keepers and the clipper survivors start to die one by one. Can the Doctor and Leela uncover the mystery before everyone is dead?

The Invisible Enemy

A sentient space virus attacks the crew of a shuttlecraft on its way to a base on Titan. The virus also enters the TARDIS circuits and infects the Doctor, who starts behaving strangely, landing the TARDIS on Titan. The shuttle crew and the Doctor then attempt to kill Leela. Can she survive and help the Doctor fight the virus that's controlling him?

Image of the Fendahl

A 12 million year old skull starts to exhibit strange powers. The Doctor realises that the feared Fendahl, a race known only from a Time Lord fairy story, is back - and the Earth is in deadly danger!

The Sun Makers

Arriving at a human colony living in an artificial biosphere on Pluto, the doctor discovers a citizen on the verge of committing suicide because of an impossible tax burden. Aiding the resistance, the Doctor discovers that the corrupt corporation controlling the colony is being run by an evil alien...


The TARDIS lands on a space craft on a many century mission, and the Doctor is immediately recognised as a Time Lord, much to his surprise. He aids the Minyans to locate their goal, a vessel known as P7E which is now at the centre of an asteroid. As the Minyans attempt to recover the gene bank that contains their race, they clash with the half-robot/half-Minyan rulers of the asteroid.

The Invasion of Time

Gallifrey is under attack by a mysterious force, and it seems that the Doctor is a traitor. Can he uncover the real villains before they completely destroy the planet Gallifrey...

Season 16:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
 98   The Ribos Operation                2 Sep 78    4
 99   The Pirate Planet                 30 Sep 78    4
100   The Stones of Blood               28 Oct 78    4
101   The Androids of Tara              25 Nov 78    4
102   The Power of Kroll                23 Dec 78    4
103   The Armageddon Factor             20 Jan 79    4


Episode Details

The Ribos Operation

The Doctor is given the task of reassembling the six parts of the Key to Time at the behest of the White Guardian. He and his new companion Romana, go to the icy world of Ribos in search of the first segment where they encounter a pair of con-men and a megalomanic ex-tyrant.

The Pirate Planet

The locator leads the Doctor and Romana to the planet Calufrax, or rather its location since it no longer appears to exist. In its place they find a hollow planet called Zanak, ruled over by a mysterious queen called Xanxia and her henchman, an evil one-eyed captain.

The Stones of Blood

The Doctor and Romana arrive at a circle of standing stones in the English countryside. They meet an elderly lady professor and her companion who are involved in a study of the stones. However when two campers and the local Druid priest are all killed by one of the stones, the Doctor suspects all is not as it seems, but can he warn Romana in time?

The Androids of Tara

The Doctor and Romana arrive on the planet Tara, a planet with a medieval social structure but the technology to build and maintain sophisticated androids. Romana is mistaken for an android replica of the Princess Stella, and they are soon embroiled in the plans of an evil Count to seize the throne.

The Power of Kroll

The locator leads the Doctor and Romana to the third moon of Delta Magna. The moon is a swamp covered world on which a small crew of humans maintain a refinery and are in constant feud with the simpler humanoid creatures known as swampies who also live there. Their God, a giant octopus like creature called Kroll makes an appearance and threatens the refinery...

The Armageddon Factor

The Doctor and Romana arrive on the planet Atrios looking for the crucial final segment. Atrios and the nearby planet Zeos are waging an interplanetary nuclear war, which has already killed most of the Atrions. Despite this, the Marshal of Atrios is preparing for a fanatical last strike that will utterly destroy Zeos, against the wishes of the Peace movement headed by the Princess Astra! The Doctor realises that the Marshal is being hypnotically controlled, and has to confront the evil Shadow, a servant of the Black Guardian!

Season 17:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
104   Destiny of the Daleks              1 Sep 79    4
105   City of Death                     29 Sep 79    4
106   The Creature From the Pit         27 Oct 79    4
107   Nightmare of Eden                 24 Nov 79    4
108   Horns of Nimon                    22 Dec 79    4
109   Shada                               never     inc


Episode Details

Destiny of the Daleks

Arriving on a desolate planet, the Doctor is amazed to discover the signs of drilling being carried out. The Doctor is rescued by the Movellans, a race of physically perfect humanoids who have been locked in combat with the Daleks for centuries. He begins to suspect that they are on the planet Skaro, where the Daleks are now searching for their creator Davros in order to gain a strategic advantage.

City of Death

The Doctor and Romana visit Paris for a holiday. When the Mona Lisa is stolen, the Doctor comes upon evidence of sinister time experiments being carried out by a wealthy Count, Scarlioni. He soon exposes a plot by Scaroth, the last of the Jagaroth race, to re-write the history of Earth by avoiding the destruction of his space ship - but it was this explosion that led to the formation of life on Earth!

The Creature From the Pit

The Doctor and Romana arrive on the lush world of Chloris, a world with an overabundance of plant life but a lack of metal. They are captured by the tyrannical Lady Adrasta, who controls the planet's metal supply, and throws her opponents into an old mine to be devoured by a fearsome creature. The Doctor falls into the Pit while attempting to escape - how will he deal with the creature and defeat the cruel Adrasta?

Nightmare of Eden

A passenger spaceliner and a small cargo ship collide while entering Hyperspace. The Doctor and Romana offer their help in separating the two craft, and soon realise that Vraxoin, the most lethal and addictive drug in existence, is being smuggled aboard the liner. They attempt to track down the smugglers. The Doctor is also concerned when he finds a naturalist called Tryst using an unstable Continuous Event Transmuter, which stores entire ecosystems on laser crystals! This device starts releasing Mandrels, a dangerous lifeform from the planet Eden.

Horns of Nimon

The TARDIS falls into a massive gravitational field while undergoing repairs, and the Doctor and Romana encounter and repair a damaged spaceship. Romana is imprisoned after discovering that the ship is carrying a group of young slaves on board. The Doctor follows the ship to the planet Skonnos, where the youngsters are to be sacrificed to the Nimon, a bull-headed alien that has promised wealth and power to the Skonnons. Romana is transported to a dying planet, Crinoth, where she discovers that the Nimon on Skonnos is preparing for the migration of the entire race of the Nimon from Crinoth to Skonnos, having exhausted Crinoth's resources. Can she get back and warn the Doctor?


The Doctor and Romana visit an old friend, Professor Chronotis, an old Time Lord living incognito in a Cambridge College. The Professor asks the Doctor to return a book in his posession to Gallifrey as it is one of the ancient relics of the Time Lord race with extra-ordinary powers. Unfortunately, the book has been borrowed by a student, Chris Parsons, who has discovered some of its unusual properties. The Doctor sets off to retrieve it, but he is not alone; the evil Skagra is also aware of its power and has arrived on Earth to steal it.

Season 18:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
110   The Leisure Hive                  30 Aug 80    4
111   Meglos                            27 Sep 80    4
112   Full Circle                       25 Oct 80    4
113   State of Decay                    22 Nov 80    4
114   Warriors' Gate                     3 Jan 81    4
115   The Keeper of Traken              31 Jan 81    4
116   Logopolis                         28 Feb 81    4


Episode Details

The Leisure Hive

The Time Lords arrive at the Leisure Hive, a tourist center run by the Argolins, a race that is dying after an ancient war with the Foamasi. The elderly leader, Mena, seeks to rejuvenate herself by sponsoring the work of Hardin, an Earth scientist who claims to be able to reverse aging. Hardin's assistant is murdered when he stumbles onto a plot to destroy the Hive, and the Doctor and Romana are suspected of the killing. Can they unmask the true killer and save the Hive?


The Doctor receives a message from the planet Tigella, where the Dodecahedron (a huge crystal that powers their entire civilization) is failing. Before the Doctor can reach Tigella, however, he is imprisoned by Meglos, a malevolent cactus-like creature who impersonates him and steals the Dodecahedron! When the Doctor escapes and finally arrives on Tigella, he is accused of the theft and sentenced to death! Can Romana prove his innocence and retrieve the crystal?

Full Circle

The Doctor and Romana discover that they have arrived in E-space, a totally different dimension from the N-space of the normal Galaxy. Landing on the planet, they discover a mysterious mist is starting to appear. They discover a race of people working towards making a large space ship flight ready, but become suspicious when it appears that they've been working on it for generations.

State of Decay

The Doctor, Romana and Adric arrive on a planet controlled by three mysterious beings who live in a gothic castle. Below the castle is a village and each year several of the villagers are taken to the castle never to be seen again. It becomes apparent that the three beings are vampires who have lived for a thousand years, but what is the darker force that controls them from beneath the castle.

Warriors' Gate

The mysterious appearance of a creature who shares the ability of the Time Lords to sense time as a dimension leads the Doctor, Romana and Adric to a space ship where many of it's kind are held prisoner. Once rulers, they are now kept in slavery as navigators for ships that travel in time by those who they once held captive. Will the Doctor and Romana aid them in their struggle to be free...

The Keeper of Traken

The Doctor is startled when a mysterious old man in a chair appears in the corner of the TARDIS while it is in flight. The man turns out to be the Keeper of the Source, a power that has given the Union of Traken centuries of peace and prosperity. He claims that Traken is in great danger and asks the Doctor to help. Arriving on Traken, the Doctor discovers a statue that seems to have an evil persona of it's own.


Having stolen the body of Tremas of Traken, the Master returns to his old ways and attempts to gain control of the universe by seizing the power of the planet Logopolis. A peaceful planet full of mathematicians working on calculations that hold the fabric of the universe together, the inhabitants of Logopolis soon start dying at the hands of the Master.