Season 4:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
30    The Power of the Daleks            5 Nov 66    6
31    The Highlanders                   17 Dec 66    4
32    The Underwater Menace             14 Jan 67    4
33    The Moonbase                      11 Feb 67    4
34    The Macra Terror                  11 Mar 67    4
35    The Faceless Ones                  8 Apr 67    6
36    The Evil of the Daleks            20 May 67    7


Episode Details

The Power of The Daleks

The TARDIS lands on the Earth colony of Vulcan in 2020 and discovers that a derelict spaceship has been discovered containing two immobile Daleks. The chief scientist reactivates one in the hope of using it as a servant, but the plan goes wrong and all too soon the planet is being overrun with Daleks...

The Highlanders

The TARDIS arrives at Culloden straight after the battle between the English forces and Bonnie Prince Charles. They meet a group of Highlanders who are on the run, and soon they are all captured by the English forces. They soon learn of a plan to deport the captured Highlanders as slaves to the West Indies...

The Underwater Menace

Landing on a volcanic island, the Doctor and his companions are captured by the primitive Atlanteans and are taken to their undersea city, Atlantis. Here they are to be sacrificed to a goddess, but are rescued just in time by the scientist Zaroff. Unfortunately, Zaroff has plans for them that are as deadly as those of the Atlanteans...

The Moonbase

The Year: 2070, The Place: The Moon. A device known as the Graviton is being used to control the weather on Earth. Soon the crew looking after it at the Moonbase start becoming ill, but it is no ordinary illness. Then the dreaded Cybermen make an appearance...

The Macra Terror

The TARDIS arrives at a giant holiday camp occupying an entire planet. The Doctor is warned that a race of crab-like creatures called the Macra are secretly taking control, and he soon discovers their sinister plans to mine the deadly gas they live on using slaves.

The Faceless Ones

Arriving at Gatwick Airport in 1966, the Doctor discovers that a large number of people who have taken a journey with the holiday company Chameleon Tours have disappeared. With the help of his companions, the Doctor discovers that the passengers were all kidnapped by a identity-less alien race and are being held in a space station above the Earth.

The Evil of the Daleks

While investigating a mysterious antiques business, the Doctor and Jamie get dragged back in time, and discover a Victorian Scientist who has accidentally attracted the attentions of the Daleks. They have captured his daughter, Victoria, and are holding her hostage in exchange for the Scientist's assistance in trapping the Doctor.

Season 5:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
37    The Tomb of the Cybermen           2 Sep 67    4
38    The Abominable Snowmen            30 Sep 67    6
39    The Ice Warriors                  11 Oct 67    6
40    The Enemy of the World            23 Dec 67    6
41    The Web of Fear                    3 Feb 67    6
42    Fury From the Deep                16 Mar 67    6
43    The Wheel in Space                27 Apr 67    6


Episode Details

The Tomb of the Cybermen

The Doctor and his companions arrive on Telos, legendary home of the Cybermen, to find an archeological expedition from Earth exploring the underground remains of a Cybermen city. But are the Cybermen really all dead?

The Abominable Snowmen

The Doctor returns to a Tibetan monastery where an old friend lives but discovers that things have changed and the Yeti have become aggressive and are threatening the monastery. Capturing one, the Doctor discovers that they are in fact robots being controlled by glowing alien spheres located in their chests.

The Ice Warriors

In the distant future, the Earth is in the grip of a second Ice Age. While investigating a mysterious series of power losses, a tall warrior figure is found encased in the ice. Can the Doctor save the Earth from the Ice Warriors.

The Enemy of the World

Arriving on the Australian coast in the near future, the Doctor discovers the planet devastated by earthquakes. The Doctor begins to believe that they may not be natural, and his investigations lead him to a powerful man who is the spitting image of the Doctor.

The Web of Fear

The Doctor returns to London to visit his friend Professor Travis and discovers that the Yeti are active again, this time in the London Underground. Joining forces with Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (later of UNIT), the Doctor does battle with the Yeti once again.

Fury From the Deep

After a spate of attacks on North Sea gas drilling platforms, the Doctor and his companions are accused of sabotage. The Doctor detects an alien presence in the sea weed gathered around the pipes and discovers that it absorbs human beings and turns them into monsters.

The Wheel in Space

The TARDIS materialises on a drifting rocket inhabited by a rather unfriendly Robot. The rocket is in orbit with a large space station where the Doctor discovers Cybermats, the dreaded mechanical rodent-like killing machines of the Cybermen. All to soon, the space station is attacked by a large Cyberman invasion fleet...

Season 6:

No    Title                            First Shown  Eps
44    The Dominators                    10 Aug 68    5
45    The Mind Robber                   14 Sep 68    5
46    The Invasion                       2 Nov 68    8
47    The Krotons                       28 Dec 68    4
48    The Seeds of Death                25 Jan 69    6
49    The Space Pirates                  8 Mar 69    6
50    The War Games                     19 Apr 69    10


Episode Details

The Dominators

The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie arrive on the planet Dulkis for a quiet holiday but discover that it has been invaded by a race called the Dominators and their robot servants, the Quarks.

The Mind Robber

After an accident with the TARDIS, the Doctor, Zoe and Jamie are transported into a dimension where fiction rules. Here they encounter a range of fictional characters and some ominous White Robots.

The Invasion

The Doctor and Jamie investigate the disappearance of the Doctors friend, Professor Travis, and discover odd goings on in a large electronics company. Soon the Doctor and Jamie become involved with the newly formed United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT), in trying to stop a full-scale invasion of Earth by the Cybermen.

The Krotons

The crew of the TARDIS meet the primative Gonds, a simple people who learn from an alien teaching machine. After casually playing a game against Zoe (and losing), the Doctor discovers that he has aroused the Krotons from their slumbers. Stranded on the planet centuries ago, the Krotons have been asleep until the primative Gonds reach a level of development where their mental powers are great enough to allow the Krotons to restart their spaceship and travel home.

The Seeds of Death

The Ice Warriors take control of Moonbase, which is responsible for the control of the T-mat system used to deliver supplies across the world. They then use it to distribute spores that will kill mankind and make Earth suitable for their habitation.

The Space Pirates

The TARDIS materialises on a navigation beacon in deep space. One such beacon has been stolen and the investigators believe that an eccentric miner called Milo Clancey is responsible. The Doctor thinks otherwise and helps him escape to the planet Ta where they meet the pirate actually responsible for the theft...

The War Games

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive in the middle of a first world war battlefield, or so it seems. Soon however it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems and that some outside power is controlling the War Games.